Four Best Sales Practices for Using Social Media

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​Social media marketing is here to stay, and if your business hasn’t hopped on that bandwagon it’s definitely time you start thinking about it. Gary Galvin of Salesforce published an article today that covers some of the best practices for selling your products or services using social media. Even if you are a social media maven or mogul in your private life, approaching social media from a business standpoint is a whole different ballgame. Read up on these best practices, reprinted below with relevant quotes from the article, to give you a leg up!

  1. Find the right channel - “You wouldn’t sell computer software to people who don’t own computers.”
  2. Produce and engage - “Post fresh and quality content often.”
  3. Show your value - “Push on social media just how your product benefits people.”
  4. Persuade them to take action - “[Ensure] you have a call-to-action in your posts and in other areas of your profile.”

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Photo courtesy of flickr user Jason Howie.