How Does Google AdWords Work?

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Google AdWords is a system that allows businesses to pay Google to show their advertisements to people who use Google to search for certain keywords. What advertisement Google decides to show can be complicated to explain, but I found this great infographic that gives an overview of how these advertisements are chosen. In short, the ranking of advertisements is a result of a combination of each ad’s “CPC bid” (how much that business is willing to pay per click) and their “quality score” (how relevant Google believes that websites content is for the search terms keyed in).

It’s important to always remember that a Google AdWords campaign is not “set it and forget it”. You should be making regular changes to your campaign based on the results you are seeing, until you find that sweet spot that maximizes your return and minimizes your costs (and that sweet spot may change several times per year!). At Grid, we have extensive experiencing brainstorming, implementing, and managing Search Engine Marketing campaigns for a wide variety of clients. Let us manage your campaign so you can continue to focus on your own business!