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Whitefish Credit Union

Whitefish Credit Union began modestly in 1934, with five railroad employees contributing $5 each. Now, they are Montana’s largest Credit Union, with over $1 billion in assets. In 2011, they turned to Grid for guidance in elevating their marketing to match their level of growth.

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Yarn Culture

Yarn Culture was introduced to us by a local graphic designer who was designing their website. The development needs of the website had surpassed the skill set of the designer, so we were asked to step in to oversee and execute the development and launch of this critical piece of Yarn Culture’s...

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Great Northern Heating & Air

The owners of Great Northern Heating & Air were moving across the US and wanted to re-establish themselves under a new name. They recognized the importance in presenting themselves professionally right from the start, and turned to us for help in doing so.

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Getting Into Retail: From Packaging to Pitch

As an entrepreneur, nothing excites quite like the word ‘sales.’ And getting your product into a retail store is a great way to start getting them. But how do you approach retailers and what do you say to them when you do?

Big box stores vs. mom & pop shops

First, it’s important to...

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Putting Your Customers to Work, Affiliate and Loyalty Programs

During certain times of the year, whether that’s the holiday season or a particularly busy season for your specific industry, it can be harder than normal to catch the ear of potential customers. They may be inundated with marketing from larger and more boisterous competitors, or the cost of...

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Christmas In July, Preparing Your Holiday Marketing

It’s six months into the year and your marketing agency just gently reminded you that it’s time to start preparing for the upcoming holiday season. Your shoulders tense up, and your stomach drops – didn’t we just FINISH the last holiday season? We still have months before the next round of...

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Our Work: Finger Lakes Opera Marketing Plan

Finger Lakes Opera has been delighting patrons with their productions of grand operatic masterpieces since 2013, complete with spectacular sets, dazzling costumes, inventive staging, and a professional orchestra. Over the past five years, they’ve outgrown their humble beginnings as a...

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Our Work: Client Affiliate Program Gives Boost to Bottom Line

At Grid, many of our clients are business to consumer – selling products either online or through brick and mortar retail stores. One of these clients, who sells outdoor adventure products, wanted to extend the reach of their sales network and marketing without having to commit to hiring multiple...

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If You Build It, Will They Come? How to Plan a Business Launch

“If you build it, they will come” makes for a great movie catch phrase, but it’s horrible business advice. Something more close to the truth would be, “If a tree falls in the forest and there’s no one to hear it, does it make a sound?” No matter how innovative, game changing, well...

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The Importance of Market Research

To be successful in business you have to have an understanding of your own products or services, your customers, your competitors, and your industry. Market research is the process by which you gather, analyze, and interpret information, such as economic shifts, current market trends, and the...

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How to Build a Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is an essential road map for your business, and is as critical to your success as hiring talented and motivated team members. Your products and services will not sell themselves. And all too often we hear of businesses forgoing marketing altogether simply because they are “doing...

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The Value of Sponsorship

Sponsorships can be a difficult area of marketing to branch into, especially if it’s your first foray. What sort of sales will you get out of a hanging banner at a school baseball game? What’s the real benefit of adding your logo to the back of a t-shirt? Or, most often, why should you choose...

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2014 Internet Advertising Revenue Report

The IAB’s Internet Advertising Revenue Report for 2014 was published yesterday, and if you don’t plan to read the whole thing (really, we don’t expect you to) we’ve wrapped up a few of the key highlights that should mean something to your business:

Digital video remains the fastest...

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The Turtle or the Cornflake

Marketing in a Down Economy

The strength of our economy is questionable at best these days. The unemployment rate is hovering around 10 percent, the Dow seems to go everywhere but up, and let’s not even discuss the international markets right now.

Indeed, it’s a scary time for many...