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Land Shark

Corporate Air Parts, the company behind the Land Shark, approached Grid with their newest product - a stealth and survival bag that was more versatile and compact than current products on the market. They needed help bringing this potentially life saving product to market in a way that was...

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Yarn Culture

Yarn Culture was introduced to us by a local graphic designer who was designing their website. The development needs of the website had surpassed the skill set of the designer, so we were asked to step in to oversee and execute the development and launch of this critical piece of Yarn Culture’s...

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The Landing at Angel Point

RiverBend Realty, a Montana-based real estate agency, came to Grid for help with marketing the last piece of lakefront property available on Flathead Lake in Northwest Montana. The marketing needed to speak to the quality and beauty of the property itself, while also persuading a high-end,...

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Paws & Purrs Rescue

Grid is extremely appreciative of the work that non-profits do for our communities. Some of our most rewarding experiences have come from working with these groups. Paws & Purrs Rescue came to us looking for an attractive brand and website that would help improve their rate of adoptions. Every...

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eCommerce vs Traditional Commerce

What is eCommerce?

eCommerce is a catchy term for any commercial transaction that is conducted electronically on the internet, be it from a mobile device, tablet or desktop. Most commonly, eCommerce is used to refer to a consumer purchasing a product online and having it shipped to them...

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Our Work: FourBridges Financial Group Website

There’s a phrase we tell every single one of our clients, when it comes time for us to build or redo their website. “We can build you a website that launches an actual rocket into space, from halfway around the world. But do you need it to?”

The idea is that your website doesn’t need to...

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Beyond the Brochure, Your Website as Digital Collateral

So many discussions about websites and a brand’s internet presence today center around applications and eCommerce. While more and more companies are moving toward this kind of online experience, sometimes you just need to get information out there about your company, such as: what you do, where...

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Our Work: For Convergent, Targeted Search Engine Marketing is Key

When it comes to online advertising, one of the most valuable benefits is the ability to collect and analyze data about the campaign. Data is neither positive nor negative in and of itself, but you can use that data to give you more information about your potential and current customers -...

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The Basics of Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click advertising, or PPC advertising, is the overarching term given to any digital advertising strategy where the advertiser pays based on the number of clicks an ad receives, not the number of times the ad is shown. While the concept of PPC advertising popped up in the mid 1990s (with...

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Say Hello to SEO

While still in the early years of the internet, it became clear that there would need to be a way to organize and find the information that was becoming available on numerous websites. Throughout the 1990s the technology for reading and indexing websites evolved, both as a result of improved...

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Our Work: Whitefish Credit Union’s “Take a Break” Summer Vehicle Loan Campaign

For most consumers, car payments are a major part of their monthly expenditures. In 2015, over $1 trillion in vehicle loans were made, with the average monthly payment hovering just under $400/mo. Falling unemployment and strong job growth, combined with low interest rates and gasoline prices, are...

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Our Work: Client Affiliate Program Gives Boost to Bottom Line

At Grid, many of our clients are business to consumer – selling products either online or through brick and mortar retail stores. One of these clients, who sells outdoor adventure products, wanted to extend the reach of their sales network and marketing without having to commit to hiring multiple...

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Home, Home on the Web - All About Website Hosting

In order to truly understand what website hosting is and how it works, it’s important to first understand more about what a website is. A website is a set of interlinked files, each containing different types of code, such as HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), CSS (cascading style sheets),...

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Much Ado About Domains

If you’ve ever gone through the process of launching a new website, or even taking over the management of an already established one, you’ve probably been faced with conversations or decisions about your domain name, domain registrar, IP addresses or DNS. In this article, we’ll explain what...

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An Analysis of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is far and away the number one analytics tool in use on the web today. In 2014, it was reported that 67% of Fortune 500 companies use Google Analytics, with somewhere in the range of 29.5 million total websites using the data platform. So just what is Google Analytics, why has it...

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2014 Internet Advertising Revenue Report

The IAB’s Internet Advertising Revenue Report for 2014 was published yesterday, and if you don’t plan to read the whole thing (really, we don’t expect you to) we’ve wrapped up a few of the key highlights that should mean something to your business:

Digital video remains the fastest...

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Google Analytics: Your Hardest Working Employee

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free service which enables website owners to track invaluable data about its users in order to provide a better platform on which to market their products. This service is available to the entire the internet community, and it was launched in late...

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The Internet Explorer Countdown

Every web developer understands the feeling of testing a website in IE for the first time. It’s a much-discussed topic of frustration for both designers and developers. Many major corporations such as Google are rapidly ending support for older versions of Internet Explorer.

While you may...